Massive win for Glasgow foster carers!

Yesterday delivered a huge initial win – Glasgow’s Council Budget set a clear expectation for the Health and social care board will:

  • increase child allowance for foster carers and kinship carers by 10% (totalling over *£2million* per year);
  • institute year on year increases in line with inflation going forward;
  • and to start the process of trade union recognition so you can advocate over your terms and conditions.

Glasgow’s foster carers asked for 24%, and we know they deserve more – but this is a huge first step. Through working together they have ushered in an end to a 10 year pay freeze in just four months of campaigning and got 2 million more pounds for some of the most vulnerable children in the community.

We will continue to push until we see the expectations set by the council turned into reality and our other demands for paid compassionate leave and a fairer respite system are met. Remember, the more foster carers who are in the union, the stronger we are as a collective, and the more we can win!

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