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The branch operates a tiered system of support for our members. You must be a member for a minimum of 2 MONTHS prior to the issue arising. Here’s how it works:

Individual Issues

  • The branch (committee and staff) will support and empower you to resolve individual complaints, allegations and grievances with your LA or IFA. 
  • Where those cannot be resolved or where there is a legal employment element it gets escalated to the legal case team to provide support.
  • If there is a wide membership base in the local area the branch may engage your fellow foster carer to back your individual case. This is where encouraging your fellow carers to become union members pays dividends.
  • A limited number of individual cases will meet the criteria to be used as test cases in the courts to challenge Workers Status for foster carers and various workers rights.

Local Collective Issues

  • Where the issue affects most carers in an area (ex. change in fees, respite allowance, millage) the branch will support and advise the collective group of members how to take action in a strategic and legal way to get their demands met. This is where there is power and safety in numbers.

National & UK Wide Issues

  • Where it is a national issue, the branch assesses the likelihood of how winnable the demand is and will use it’s political and member influence to campaign accordingly. Large scale, public campaigning takes a lot of time, energy and resources and needs significant member support.

Contact Us for Support

Contact the branch by emailing Please include a brief summary of your issues and how you would like us to help. Please Note: This email is monitored evening and weekends if urgent assistance is required.

Message via facebook – IWGB Foster Care Workers Branch UK | Facebook

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