Supporting empowerment and change for fairer treatment of Foster Care Workers


The Foster Care Workers Union is a dynamic and lively branch of the IWGB which empowers you to join together with other foster carers, take action and to bring about real change in how foster carers are viewed and treated. Joining the most experienced and established union for foster carers means being part of real change like:

  • Access and input into the All Party Parliamentary Group on fostering in Westminster, where MPs taking briefing on a range of topics of central importance to carers.
  • Fighting and winning an employment tribunals for foster carers (such as Christine and Jimmy Johnston) that set a legal precedent for worker rights that may be used in future cases. There are new employment tribunals in the works – watch this space!
  • Support and advice from experienced caseworkers who have already helped hundreds of carers to stop bullying, halt unfair deregistrations and win compensation
  • Lobbying national governments for an independent central regulatory body for foster carers, including meetings with civil servants, establishing allies and friends in the process;
  • Pushing forward a draft parliamentary Bill to recognise foster carers as Limb B Status Workers and grant them access to workers rights like minimum wage and whistleblowing protection.
  • Local carer groups successfully campaigning their fostering services for things such as safer contact arrangements during Covid, payment in lieu for unused holiday entitlement, a fee uplift after a 10 year freeze.

Let’s get fairer treatment for foster carers together.

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