Being a foster carer is one of the most important and rewarding jobs in the world but it’s also one of the hardest and most undervalued.

Our campaign to awareness of the work foster carers do and the real challenges we face due to a lack of central registration body and workers rights continues to be essential. Misconceptions are rife about what fostering involves, what payments/wages foster carers receive and the realities foster carers face on a daily basis. Educating politicians and the public is essential if we are to be finally recognised and valued as the essential professionals we are.

See the emails we’ll send, or to send one directly yourself here.

Petition calling for SSP for Foster Carers

The petition calling for Statutory Sick Pay for Foster Carers is being prepared to be presented to Rishi Sunak MP, Gavin Williamson MP and Vicky Ford MP. Thank you to the thousands of foster carers and supporters who signed the petition and helped us make the public and politicians aware of their serious oversight in including Foster Carers in their Covid-19 support packages.

Lynne is a single foster carer. It keeps her awake at night worrying about how her and her foster child would manage and if they would be able to be reunited if she became too ill to care for him.
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