About Us

The IWGB Union is a highly organised, motivated and democratic organisation with fresh ideas, enthusiasm and strong principles which punches well above its weight considering it’s size.

The Foster Care Workers Union is a dynamic and lively branch of the IWGB which empowers you to join together with other foster carers, take action and to bring about real change in how foster carers are viewed and treated. 

It is growing daily and is totally focused on workers in the gig economy: workers just like you and fellow foster carers who are technically self-employed and therefore enjoy no employment rights.  The fear of working in precarious environments, with the constant threat of being put to one side without any compensation is very real.   Your work is often highly prescribed and closely supervised, but there is no legal requirement for those you work for to offer you any protection.  As local government spending continues to be constantly squeezed (particularly post-Covid-19), you will continue to face ever more exploitative and unsafe work conditions without organised pressure by you and thousands of your fellow carers. 

Contact Us

IWGB London Office

Room 1, St Margaret’s House
15 Old Ford Road
E2 9PJ

Phone: +44 2035 383 720

FCW Branch

Email: fostersupport@iwgb.co.uk
Message us: via Facebook

Leanne Morton – Branch Coordinator: leannemorton@iwgb.co.uk

Annie Quick – Branch Coordinator: anniequick@iwgb.co.uk

For press enquiries contact

Email: press@iwgb.co.uk

Your Branch Committee

Chair – Kenny Millard

I’ve been fostering with my partner Alice for over 20 years.  We live in an old restored house in the outskirts of Glasgow and have experienced in many of the challenges that foster carers face. I am passionate in my commitment to obtain better treatment, rights and protection for all foster carers. Previously to taking on the role of Branch Chair I was Vice-Chair for Scotland and Northern Ireland for a number of years. My other interests and pursuits are; bee keeping; tai chi; antiques and hillwalking

Vice Chair – Melanie Smith


Treasurer – Bruce McDowall

Communications Co-Ordinator

Women’s Officer

BAME Officer – Sharon Anderson

IT Officer – Colin Smith

Your Staff

Branch Coordinator – Leanne Morton

I live in Central Scotland with my husband and son and have been fostering for 6 years. I been actively involved with the FCW Branch of the IWGB most of that time. Prior to joining the IWGB as an employee I was the Secretary of the FCW Branch, a coordinator for the Central Scotland regional group and a member who experienced an unfounded allegation. I have a background in Not-for-Profits, fundraising and campaigns and a passion for justice, rights and proper recognition for Foster Carers.

Branch Coordinator – Annie Quick

My name is Annie. I grew up in Devon but  for the past ten years I have lived in South London where I am a respite foster carer. I have a background in policy development, community organising and campaigning on issues of social and economic justice and have worked for charities and in the civil service. I am committed to improving the foster care system both for foster carers and the children in our care. 

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