Visits by Social Work

While home visits by social workers and other professionals fall under the category of “work” and are allowed under government guidelines there is an increased expectation that home visits are limited to essential visits only. If a home visit is scheduled or an unannounced visit takes place, we recommend you:

  • Ask for the visit to be conducted virtually – many of the usual home visits including unannounced visits are now being undertaken by video call in many local authorities.
  • If the visits must be in person, ask for it to be done outdoors where possible.
  • If privacy rules prevent the visit from occurring outdoors then ask anyone coming into the house to use PPE and hand sanitizer.
  • Direct social workers to a space which is large enough to allow for social distancing and has ventilation (open door / windows).
  • Ask social work or professional to have any detailed discussions or complete any paper work before or after the visit to keep their visiting time to a minimum.

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